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Construction Management
In the traditional scheme, we realize the construction through a sectored structured, in which each area functions in an isolated function. In Construction Management, on the other hand, we promote direct dialogue and an integrated organization, in which any participant involved (designer, client, or constructor), take part simultaneously in the decision making. This way, the project is enriched by the different contributions from the different participants creating consensual, efficient solutions, that increase the Project's value. Our global and multi-disciplinary vision prevents possible conflicts or inconveniences.
We've integrated and complement the Construction Management with linked technical disciplines
Valued Engineering
Planning and Programing
Risk Analysis
Quality Assurance / Quality Control
Technical Site Inspections
Conflict Technical Assessments
Project Audits
Project Sustainability (LEED)
The Safety and Hygiene of our Work is one of our top priorities, having a "Zero Accident" policy.
Process Management LEED

SYASA Group is in charge of coordinating the interdisciplinary team in both the administrative stage and on site to optimize our time and efforts in the LEED Certification process, since we count on the experience of participating on various important regional projects with this very function.

In order to develop this coordination, SYASA implements standardized formats to help each of the sections and LEED credits, which gives the appropriate monitoring and informs the client of the certification processes progress, just like the budget analysis in engineering LEED applications and the materials of a base project.

Grupo SYASA is a founding member of the Argentina Green Building Council www.argentinagbc.org.ar

  • On site General Coordinating Supervisor
  • Owner
  • Environmental Design/Architecture
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Contractors
  • Commissioning
SYASA provides Developers and Clients with priceless help in evaluation and viability for every project, the development strategies and planning necessary to increase the investments rentability to the maximum. The team at SYASA creates impact evaluations, budgets, cash flow and the make all the necessary programming for a deep project analysis.

A successful project requires a team effort, careful planning, and a responsible leadership. SYASA offers pre-construction services, vital when it comes to optimizing costs and resources, that help identify the project's critical aspects and as a result manage them efficiently. Through coordinated handling, our team adopts the investor's objectives in order to optimize the budget, programming, design, functionality, and required quality.

Implementing PDRI (Project Definition Rate Index) procedures produce benefits and adds value. Likewise, applying BIM (Building Information Modeling) to the project documentation and to the management of costs and programming, creates similar results.

the project’s initial decision-making process is a key factor in all the proceeding fazes. The SYASA team prepares the programming, detailed budgets, cash flow projections, and they identify the most beneficial resources when it comes to time and money.

In simple terms: the pre-construction work here at SYASA guarantees achieving all the project's goals.